El Paso Ballroom Dance Academy is El Paso’s premier ballroom dance company.

We offer a full range of classes, all of which feature class curriculums that aspire to the highest quality of innovation and diversity, while still preserving the traditional aspects of partner ballroom dancing.

By providing students with an ideal atmosphere that is equal parts fun AND educational, we’re able to inspire students to express themselves creatively, challenge them to learn and grow, and, most of all, garner the most enjoyment possible out of the art of dancing.

The El Paso Ballroom Dance Academy philosophy is one of integrity, quality and warmth. Students of all backgrounds, professions, cultures and walks of life are drawn to our studio for its reputation of cutting-edge choreography, traditional excellence and fun, creative atmosphere.

We welcome both staff and students to join the El Paso Ballroom Dance Academy family! Read our bios below, then be sure to call us start your future in dance today!

Meet Our Dance Instructors

Joanie Garcia


Cesar Garcia

Dolores Mendez

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